Structural Design Build

At Eisen, we provide several structural design and engineering services in order to execute a high standard of delivery. In identifying the specifics of each panel from the start, we maximize project efficiency and ensure flawless installation. Our design assistance program combined with our collaboration with our engineering partners allow your vision to come to life. Eisen also provides comprehensive estimating services in order to maintain transparency with our clients.

Design Assistance
With the architectural and structural plans at hand, Eisen is able to prepare the shop drawings for metal wall and floor systems. We utilize the latest computer generated drafting technology specifically for panel construction in order to bring your designs to life. The panel drawings created identify the specifics of each panel including:

  • Dimensions
  • Size/ gauge/ flange width of studs
  • Fastener method
  • Opening location

The final product is a wall panel layout that eases field erection to provide maximum efficiency for the client. Based on this layout, each individual panel is given its own unique number in order to ensure successful installation.

To streamline this process as much as possible, the Eisen Group shop drawings are coordinated directly with all applicable trades to help identify and eliminate any issues such as:

  • Conflicts with MEP locations
  • Dimensional discrepancies
  • Elevation inconsistency
  • Rough Opening issues

Eisen can ensure the highest quality component products because of our commitment to comprehensive design consultation with our engineering partners who provide:

  • Process design
  • Value Engineering
  • Production support
  • Front-end and detail engineering
  • Project engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Welding and assembly design support

We maintain compliance with ASTM and AISI standards, utilizing building materials and processes that are certified by structural engineers. Value engineering is our priority at Eisen, and we strive to maximize the benefits to our customers from start to finish.