Eisen tackles the demand for speed and quality head on, providing clients with the most efficient solutions in panel manufacturing and fabrication. We maximize schedule opportunities and strive to maintain cost effectiveness in every project. Eisen provides several pre- fabricated assemblies including c-stud floor panels, exterior metal stud wall systems with vapor barriers, metal roof truss systems, and structural floor systems.

The recent decline in the supply of skilled labor combined with an increased demand for speed and quality has shifted a focus toward constructing component manufacturing. Eisen utilizes the latest technology in the panel manufacturing industry, providing customers with the most efficient solutions. Eisen’s end objective is to deliver quality components, maximizing scheduling opportunities and maintaining cost effectiveness for clients.

The Panel Manufacturing Process

  1. Stud and Track Rolling- Eisen’s fabrication process and facility is unparalleled in the industry and has the capacity to meet the demands of today’s demanding schedules. At our manufacturing facility we roll and form our own metal studs, producing them to a tolerance of 1/32" of an inch in length and in a range from 25 gauge to 12 gauge. During our roll forming process we have the ability to incorporate special punch patterns, anchor hole punch outs, resulting in nearly zero waste.
  2. Fabrication- Once the studs are rolled to length they are then fabricated into prefabricated components based on fabrication drawings that are generated by Eisen’s design department. Our custom automated welding systems are utilized, enabling us to provide consistent quality and a large fabrication capacity. The automated fabrication equipment has the ability to fabricate up to a 32’ tall panel section. Larger sections can be fabricated outside the automated line on special tables.
  3. Finishing- After the panels are fabricated, they can be sheeted with almost any exterior substrate available on the market-- plywood, glass mat sheathing, etc.) Then if the customer desires, we apply vapor barriers, foam insulation and wood bucks as requested. These types of finishes can be applied during the fabrication process, mitigating the impact of weather delays on a project. The panels are then loaded on the truck by one of our overhead cranes and ready for shipment.

Advantages of Pre-Fabricated Assemblies:


  • Process is conducted in a controlled environment, so it is not subject to extreme climate changes.
  • Materials are not stocked at the jobsite, reducing risk of theft or damage.
  • Setting pre-assembled panels encloses a building quickly, reducing water infiltration and the potential for mold/mildew.


  • Panels are produced in advance of project schedules, decreasing the impact of absenteeism and productivity issues.


  • Improvement of direct costs.
  • Indirect costs, such as cleanup, are reduced.


  • Hours are transferred from the jobsite to the fabrication shop, reducing potential for site injuries.