We Are Eisen Group

Building Solutions for You and Your Customers

Since 1985, Eisen has built a reputation as the premier supplier of cold formed metal products in the construction industry. We specialize in the design, construction, and delivery of load bearing cold formed metal framing. The strong relationships we have built with our customers serve as the foundation of our business, and we thrive on providing products that speed up projects. We know that it takes meticulous planning and constant communication to ensure on time delivery, but our team of experienced employees makes this happen every day. Our centrally-located headquarters in St. Charles, MO allows us to deliver to nearly any construction site in the United States, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our Services

Structural Design Build

At Eisen, we provide several structural design and engineering services in order to execute a high standard of delivery. In identifying the specifics of each panel from the start, we maximize project efficiency and ensure flawless installation. Our design assistance program combined with our collaboration with our engineering partners allow your vision to come to life. Eisen also provides comprehensive estimating services in order to maintain transparency with our clients.

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Project Management

Project management and detailed planning is a major part of the fabrication process. Our experienced team of project managers go the extra mile to uncover the complex challenges that our clients face, allowing for unparralleled execution. Eisen is able to consistently exceed customer expectations and deliver on promises throughout all phases of the project – Planning, Execution, Delivery and Erection.

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Eisen tackles the demand for speed and quality head on, providing clients with the most efficient solutions in panel manufacturing and fabrication. We maximize schedule opportunities and strive to maintain cost effectiveness in every project. Eisen provides several pre- fabricated assemblies including c-stud floor panels, exterior metal stud wall systems with vapor barriers, metal roof truss systems, and structural floor systems.

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The Process We Follow

Steel Structure Design and Engineering

We value superior design and planning in our engineering process. Regardless of how complex the project goals, Eisen’s designers and engineers are ready to tackle the challenge. We utilize the latest technology to develop the correct structural plans, allowing the entire fabrication process to run efficiently. In laying this crucial foundation, the rest of the project management team can determine a concrete plan of action and take the steps to transform the project vision into reality.

Cold Formed Steel Manufacturing

Eisen prefabricated components are crafted based on the drawings provided by the design and engineering department. This allows for the convergence of multiple parts in order to provide maximum efficiency throughout the project. Eisen’s fabrication process utilizes an advanced custom automated welding system, enabling consistent quality and a large fabrication capacity. Other advantages of the fabrication process include:
  • Modularization-specific designs
  • Shorter build times and increased productivity
  • Money saved in material, labor, and waste
  • Production regardless of weather
  • Structural integrity

Packing and Delivery

Finally, the prefabricated item sections are pre-assembled and a finish is applied in order to mitigate the impact of weather delays if necessary. The panels are then loaded onto special rack systems on our trailers with utmost care and transported to the construction site where the final assembly will occur. The panels are delivered and installed precisely as planned in the initial design when they are delivered, so that project delays are avoided.